Hyper-V Exam Guide and Notes

There is no one definitive guide for the Hyper-V exam like there are for other Microsoft exams. I’ve pulled the information together from Technet, blogs, technical articles, books, videos and my own experience with Hyper-V and tidied them up for others to understand.

My studying method is to use OneNote to take hand written bullet points on the different areas. The notes are only for me to see so they are written only for me to understand. Putting them into an understandable format for others has been almost as time consuming as gathering the information in the first place! However it has helped me to consolidate my Hyper-V Exam knowledge in my mind.


Note that the guide below is not complete. I will be adding notes as I tidy them up so bear with me!

I’ve grouped the notes together under the headings from the official Microsoft Hyper-V Exam:

Configure Hyper-V


A few points about the notes:

  • The notes are based on the areas in official Microsoft Hyper-V Exam. This tells us what could be in the exam and what areas must be studied;
  • I’ve not provided sources for much of my notes. Primarily because I didn’t keep any. As the notes are bullet points gathered from many different sources it’s not been possible in many cases to keep a track of exactly where I heard or read something;
  • I haven’t detailed every single nuance of a subject if I don’t think it’s relevant to the exam. That’s based on nothing more than a gut feeling. Your gut might feel differently and if that is the case please research the area yourself;
  • I’ve tried to remove all of the shorthand from the notes. If you find any that is still there please leave me a comment on the article and I will clear it up;
  • If you find any information that doesn’t make sense, is incomplete or plain wrong then let me know;
  • Finally a caveat. I’m human. You’re human. I don;t guarantee any of the information in the exam guide pages are correct. The onus is on you to verify it all;

If you go on to sit the exam, let me know how you do. And GOOD LUCK!

Have something to add? Let me know ...